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      Ramadan begins in Saudi Arabia
      Published:2019-05-07 Source:JINOCCO tags:

      May 7, 2019 is the first day of enter the annual Ramadan in Islamic world. In accordance with the provisions of the Koran, Muslim is not allowed to drink, eat and smoke during the sunrise and sunset, except for the old, young, sick, disabled and pregnant, in order to express their piety to Allah.

      During Ramadan, the construction site also faces huge challenges. First, the Saudi region entered the hot season in May, with the highest temperature reaching above 45 ℃. Second, the foreign labors recruited on the site are mainly Muslim personnel. Fasting during Ramadan brings huge physical exertion to them, and they can only work half a day, with greatly reduced efficiency. Third, the project owner and third party adjust their timing, the construction inspections are badly impacted.

      In order to ensure the construction progress and improve the construction efficiency, the project department takes active measures to deal with difficulties. On the one hand, rest shelters and prayer rooms are installed on the site to provide more drinking water points for non-Muslim personnel; on the other hand, the schedule of work and rest should be appropriately adjusted to synchronize with the owner and the third party personnel to avoid time waste. All necessary measures would be taken to achieve the goal of ensuring safety, meeting schedule and controlling quantity during Ramadan.

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